Types of Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum Sealers are tools that can be used to remove air while wraps, seals, and stores food. Its functions is to remove all of oxygen from the bags that are used to wraps, seals, and stores the foods so that to foods will stay fresh longer. It also make the foods becomes free from insects and other molds that may get onto the foods. Insects and other molds will contaminate the foods so that the foods become unhealthy to eat and must be thrown away. Vacuum Sealers also can be used for other benefits such as compressing clothes to get more spaces in your storage, stores Silverware from corrosions, stores papers and documents, and also to store survival kits.

There are three options of Vacuum Sealers available on market. Each option has different functions and offers different benefits. First is Industrial Vacuum Sealer. This type is the largest vacuum sealer among all types. It usually is being used for large quantity by company or plantations. During the process of sealing, it usually works without much of human intervention. Even though it doesn’t require a lot of human intervention, but to operate it, you still have to read its manual guidance to operate it properly. Second is Kitchen Vacuum Sealer (more information here


This type of sealers is most common vacuum sealer that is used by many people. It forms as container sealer and or plastic bag sealer. Each forms offer similar functions. Container sealer works in similar way with regular storage container, the difference is lies on the a vent lid that helps removing the air out of the containers so that food can be stored longer. Plastic bag sealer works by using special plastic wrap that able to suck out the air from the plastic, so when sealing foods, it will look neat and organized. Third is Commercial Vacuum Sealer. This type of sealer is usually used in a business field that requires sealing large volume items. It comes with rolls of sealer plastics that are attached to a vacuum machine.

Those three are common vacuum sealer that people use in daily life. There are also other vacuum sealer types that work like pumps that enable to extract air from bottles. When you sealing or wrap or store foods with vacuum sealers, here is a good tip to remember: the foods need to be always kept in refrigerator even though it has been perfectly sealed to keep them fresher.

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