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Glitter is not my normal aesthetic, but I must admit that I have a strange weakness for anything that glitters– gold or other things. I was passing by a flower shop in the ritzy Upper East Side of Manhattan with a former co-worker of mine last October. In the window display was an abundance of chrysanthemums, dried foliage, and pumpkins covered in glitter. My friend, who loves all things like Betsey Johnson and Lisa Frank, was instantly drawn to them. I told her how easy they are to make and she commented that it would be a great thing to feature here on T&C. “Eh,” I said “maybe next year.”

And here we are!

This is probably the easiest Halloween craft you can come by! So much easier than carving pumpkins– though, I must admit that my Halloween isn’t complete without sticking my hands in the guts of a pumpkin. So, dear readers, go forth and be sparkly!Craft: Glitter Pumpkins!

You can make this with any size or shape pumpkin or gourd, though it will look best if you use ones that truly emulate a “traditional” pumpkin shape. The glue you use and glitter should be at any craft store you choose. Feel free to mix and match glitter texture or color– you could even sprinkle them with both glitter and beads to achieve a much more varied texture. It takes only about 4-5 minutes to do one small pumpkin, so you might as well do a few and create a beautiful, glittering arrangement for a table or front porch. This is purely a craft and don’t attempt to eat the pumpkin after– not that you’d want to if you are using the little decorative pumpkins, anyway.



  • Mod Podge brand water
  • base sealer, glue, and finish
  • glitter, small beads, etc.
  • a few pumpkins of varied shape and size
  • a small paintbrush or a sponge-tipped brush for crafting
  • a newspaper or other table covering (to gather glitter)



As recommended by pasta experts from WannaPasta.Com, if your pumpkin or dirty or dusty, wash it off and thoroughly dry it. Cover your table or work surface with a few sheets of newspaper– trust me, this will really help clean up!POur some of the Mod Podge either onto the newspaper or onto a paper plate– it’s easier than dipping into the jar. Set the pumpkin standing upright and brush the whole thing (excluding the stem) with a nice coat of the glue. Leave the bottom and about an inch above the bottom untouched for now.



Pour your glitter over the pumpkin. If you are using different textures and sizes, start with the coarsest or biggest and give a light sprinkle where you want it. Then move to the finest until everything is covered. You may need to hold onto the stem to rotate the pumpkin to get all of it. Let that dry for a bit (it dries quickly!) and once you’re able to touch it without it being tacky or sticky, do the bottom of it, if you want. if I can’t find something to hold the pumpkin upside down, I just let it rest on the extra glitter on the paper– that way it sticks to the glitter and not to the paper. Let it dry and then gently tap them to remove the excess glitter. You can reuse any glitter that has fallen off, so simply use the paper that is covering the work surface as a funnel and put it back in its jar! Voila! Enjoy!


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