Types of Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum Sealers are tools that can be used to remove air while wraps, seals, and stores food. Its functions is to remove all of oxygen from the bags that are used to wraps, seals, and stores the foods so that to foods will stay fresh longer. It also make the foods becomes free from insects and other molds that may get onto the foods. Insects and other molds will contaminate the foods so that the foods become unhealthy to eat and must be thrown away. Vacuum Sealers also can be used for other benefits such as compressing clothes to get more spaces in your storage, stores Silverware from corrosions, stores papers and documents, and also to store survival kits.

There are three options of Vacuum Sealers available on market. Each option has different functions and offers different benefits. First is Industrial Vacuum Sealer. This type is the largest vacuum sealer among all types. It usually is being used for large quantity by company or plantations. During the process of sealing, it usually works without much of human intervention. Even though it doesn’t require a lot of human intervention, but to operate it, you still have to read its manual guidance to operate it properly. Second is Kitchen Vacuum Sealer (more information here


This type of sealers is most common vacuum sealer that is used by many people. It forms as container sealer and or plastic bag sealer. Each forms offer similar functions. Container sealer works in similar way with regular storage container, the difference is lies on the a vent lid that helps removing the air out of the containers so that food can be stored longer. Plastic bag sealer works by using special plastic wrap that able to suck out the air from the plastic, so when sealing foods, it will look neat and organized. Third is Commercial Vacuum Sealer. This type of sealer is usually used in a business field that requires sealing large volume items. It comes with rolls of sealer plastics that are attached to a vacuum machine.

Those three are common vacuum sealer that people use in daily life. There are also other vacuum sealer types that work like pumps that enable to extract air from bottles. When you sealing or wrap or store foods with vacuum sealers, here is a good tip to remember: the foods need to be always kept in refrigerator even though it has been perfectly sealed to keep them fresher.


Glitter Pumpkins! | Town & Cooking


Glitter is not my normal aesthetic, but I must admit that I have a strange weakness for anything that glitters– gold or other things. I was passing by a flower shop in the ritzy Upper East Side of Manhattan with a former co-worker of mine last October. In the window display was an abundance of chrysanthemums, dried foliage, and pumpkins covered in glitter. My friend, who loves all things like Betsey Johnson and Lisa Frank, was instantly drawn to them. I told her how easy they are to make and she commented that it would be a great thing to feature here on T&C. “Eh,” I said “maybe next year.”

And here we are!

This is probably the easiest Halloween craft you can come by! So much easier than carving pumpkins– though, I must admit that my Halloween isn’t complete without sticking my hands in the guts of a pumpkin. So, dear readers, go forth and be sparkly!Craft: Glitter Pumpkins!

You can make this with any size or shape pumpkin or gourd, though it will look best if you use ones that truly emulate a “traditional” pumpkin shape. The glue you use and glitter should be at any craft store you choose. Feel free to mix and match glitter texture or color– you could even sprinkle them with both glitter and beads to achieve a much more varied texture. It takes only about 4-5 minutes to do one small pumpkin, so you might as well do a few and create a beautiful, glittering arrangement for a table or front porch. This is purely a craft and don’t attempt to eat the pumpkin after– not that you’d want to if you are using the little decorative pumpkins, anyway.



  • Mod Podge brand water
  • base sealer, glue, and finish
  • glitter, small beads, etc.
  • a few pumpkins of varied shape and size
  • a small paintbrush or a sponge-tipped brush for crafting
  • a newspaper or other table covering (to gather glitter)



As recommended by pasta experts from WannaPasta.Com, if your pumpkin or dirty or dusty, wash it off and thoroughly dry it. Cover your table or work surface with a few sheets of newspaper– trust me, this will really help clean up!POur some of the Mod Podge either onto the newspaper or onto a paper plate– it’s easier than dipping into the jar. Set the pumpkin standing upright and brush the whole thing (excluding the stem) with a nice coat of the glue. Leave the bottom and about an inch above the bottom untouched for now.



Pour your glitter over the pumpkin. If you are using different textures and sizes, start with the coarsest or biggest and give a light sprinkle where you want it. Then move to the finest until everything is covered. You may need to hold onto the stem to rotate the pumpkin to get all of it. Let that dry for a bit (it dries quickly!) and once you’re able to touch it without it being tacky or sticky, do the bottom of it, if you want. if I can’t find something to hold the pumpkin upside down, I just let it rest on the extra glitter on the paper– that way it sticks to the glitter and not to the paper. Let it dry and then gently tap them to remove the excess glitter. You can reuse any glitter that has fallen off, so simply use the paper that is covering the work surface as a funnel and put it back in its jar! Voila! Enjoy!


Successful leader

How To Get Promoted

So do you feel a little stuck at work with not getting that raise this year or not having been promoted in years? Assuming, at least for the time being, that you actually plan on staying there for a while longer, I’ll give some tips of what you can do at the office to instantly increase your chances of corporate success for that big employee promotion.



I’m sure you probably have some people that you work with that carry a higher title than you and make a lot more money. But yet, you pretty much do the same work as they do and you are probably wondering how they got to be where they are at and why do doors keep getting opened for them?


Unfortunately, in this world, it is still all about perception and image. People, especially management types that have below average IQ levels, still judge a book by its cover. Other than people with connections and relatives, the ones that are given opportunities to climb the ladder, are the ones that look important and sound important. That is 90% of the battle right there.  The people that do this typically don’t perform their job any better than you could.  These are a few tips for you to implement to help further your career:

  1. Work on your verbal skills by trying to sound very important and authoritative no matter what it is that you are talking about. No matter how stupid and little it seems, make everything sound like a big talking point at meetings or around the office. Begin your sentences using the word “apparently” whenever you can. It makes you sound more “important”.
  2. Look old. That’s right. The older you look, the more management “trusts” you. They don’t like those young 20 something year old punks that “don’t know anything”.
  3. This is a big one that some of us cannot do, but wear wire framed glasses. Think of all the people you work with that have the bigger salaries and higher titles. I bet a lot of them wear glasses don’t they?
  4. Try and dress to look overweight or underweight. Have you ever noticed that the better shape and more muscular someone is, the less serious they are taken?
  5. Hang pictures of your wife and kids all over the place in your cubicle. This makes you look like an older responsible family man or woman. And most people do this as a way to try and not be the 2% to be “selected” to get laid off if that time ever comes.  Their thinking is that the middle manager wouldn’t pick them to be “let go” because he would feel bad about laying someone off who has kids to feed.  Ever notice other employees doing this at work? Because other than that, no one could careless what your family looks like.  I don’t.
  6. Carry a planner or some sort of log and write everything down. Once again, it makes you “appear” more organized which makes you “look” more intelligent.

Businesswoman Speaking Through a Megaphone

If you can follow some of those tips, you’ll begin to notice that after a period of time, people will start to take you more seriously. This can open more doors for opportunities, which then leads to more experience, which in turn makes you more valuable at work, which in turn equals promotion. 90% of the game is looking important and sounding important. I’ve noticed this everywhere I work. Even certain employees that are actually not very good at what they do, tend to always have doors opened for them because they talk a good game and they have an intelligent appearance. And then this turns into a situation where the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer.  Middle management dopes are the ones that will evaluate you by what they “think” about you. Look and act important, and you will notice a difference in treatment.